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Hidden Gems started in my college dorm room in December 2020. I orginally started making jewelry because it was something to help me with my anxiety and it worked as a great outlet. Before December I had never even thought about making jewelry let alone selling it! After showing some of my friends my work they really encouraged me make an Instagram for it and try to market it. This sounded crazy to me and I remember saying, "I'll do it as long as I can keep it anonymous and no one knows it me." Within that first hour of making my account I had 10 orders and I was in absolute shock that somebody wanted to buy something I had made. This little business has honestly changed my life in such a good way. It has made me more confident and has helped me find a lot of self-worth that I struggled with. If you don't choose to buy from me today, that's okay, just the fact that you found your way to my website is a blessing that I am thankful for. 

- Katie Schmidt 

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